Anonymous:  ...have you done anything sexually with your friend just-icy? You both have nice hair

No omg. My hair is fake

Anonymous:  yo I looked at that hotanalseepage dudes page and there's so many posts about how he's single now and one reads "Whatever bitch enjoy fucking other dudes and hanging out with drug addicts." ugh

omg lol

hot-anal-seepage:  Any advice for an introvert trying to meet women?

Not too sure about that, hot-anal-seepage

Anonymous:  Damn girl ur sexy xx


Anonymous:  We should really do this paypal thing? I just need the email

Come off anon

Anonymous:  Where's the link to Paypal

Idk how to do that I just know my email that’s linked to it

Anonymous:  What would you say your type of guy is?

Idk, I’m pretty into someone right now who isn’t my usual type. But I think he’s hot af and I wanna make out w/ him again